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Buzao's lavastone lighting lights up Remodern

Posted by Remodern on

Buzao's unique collection of lava stone pendants has arrived and is lighting up our Melbourne showroom. Crafted from ink-black lava stone with an organic, textural finish, these minimal, refined lights bring a new edge to classic pendant forms.

Launched in 2017 as a vehicle for the exploration of natural materials, Buzao is an offshoot of the pioneering internationally acclaimed design studio, Bentu. Conceived to be the spirited and rebellious younger sibling of Bentu, Buzao engages in unrestricted experimentation that allows natural materials, such as marble and lava stone, to guide the design process and ultimately dictate the outcome. The result is a unique collection of lighting, accessories and textural jewellery.

Buzao’s name literally translates as ‘I don’t know’, which acts as a reference to their processes’ unexpected outcomes, however this unique brand’s products possess a clear purpose: refined, minimal designs that bring out the very best of nature.

Buzao’s design process amplifies the existing beauty of materials and enhances their essence. The natural imperfections and irregularity of lava stone, for example, are celebrated and used as a guide in the design development of the collection.

Above - Buzao Qie Pendant

Natural lava stone is formed when molten lava solidifies as it comes into contact with water or air. A resulting characteristic of this natural process is the creation of large pores in the stone, along with the presence of randomly embedded minerals and crystals.

As the latest lava stone pendant collection reveals, the results are extraordinary.

The Qie and Shang lights reference classic bell-shaped pendant forms. The earthy texture of the lava stone is juxtaposed by smooth, luxurious brass or anodised aluminium details.

Above - Buzao Shang Pendant

Buzao’s U, Bang, N and Ri pendants have a faultless cylindrical form yet perfect imperfections are found in their textural lava stone material, which is again contrasted with smooth brass or black anodised aluminium fixings.

Above - Buzao N Pendant

‘Unique’ is a word that truly applies to a brand like Buzao. Its collection brings a spirited twist to forms and shines a new light on the creative work from this endlessly experimental studio.

We invite you to explore the full Buzao collection here or drop us a line and come see it in person at our new Melbourne showroom.

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