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Behind the Brand: Buck Studio

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Buck Studio creates places and products – from hospitality projects in Poland, to furniture and lighting that features in interiors around the world. We spoke to Dominika and Paweł Buck about their approach to design and their very popular Finn and Nopp collections for Fameg.

Pictured above: Dominika and Pawel Buck

Dominika and Paweł met in the architecture faculty at Wrocław University of Science and Technology in Poland. Dominika was in her diploma year and Paweł was starting his PhD. “We quickly discovered that we share a similar aesthetic sensibility driven by nostalgic references to the past, worship for details and a rather abstractive sense of humour,” says Dominika. When their friends approached them in 2008 with an interior design job, the couple decided to establish their eponymous studio, specialising in hospitality interior design projects.

Pictured above: Finn bar stool (left) and Nopp chair (right)

They design hospitality spaces to be original, inspiring and exciting, providing visitors with an experience and always wanting to leave an impression. “A good hospitality interior design project is not only a well-planned space, appealing colour, original furniture or nice cutlery. We believe a complex approach, including branding, wayfinding, service offer and consultancy, is the key to successful hospitality,” says Paweł.

Pictured above: Dinette Bistro featuring Finn bar stool (Image source: Buck Studio)

Of course, the successful design of a hospitality venue is the sum of its parts, and when Dominika and Paweł couldn’t find a bar stool for Dinette Bistro, they decided to develop their own. Dominika sketched the stool that would become known as Finn, and they reached out to manufacturers to produce it. “We knew that it must be an experienced manufacturer because making seats is more complicated than, for example, a table,” Dominika explains. They approached companies with a renowned legacy and reputation, and Fameg, being the largest manufacturer of bentwood furniture in Europe, was the first on the list. “They were very enthusiastic about the Finn stools, not only preparing them for Dinette but also to include them in the product range,” says Dominika.

Pictured above: Shrimp House featuring Finn chair (Image source: Buck Studio)

Finn has since featured in Buck Studio’s design of Shrimp House, as does the Nopp chair, which is also in their Campo and Opasły Tom projects. “When we approach Fameg with a new chair design, we already know which project we want to use it and where, and it always answers very particular functional and formal needs,” says Dominika. “And we really appreciate how knowledgeable, passionate and patient the craftsmen at Fameg are.”

Pictured above: Campo featuring Nopp chair (Image source: Buck Studio)

Pictured above: Opasly Tom featuring Nopp chair (Image source: Buck Studio)

Growing up in communist Poland, Dominika and Paweł were surrounded by what they describe as “social realism-inspired mid-century-modern design.” This has influenced their approach to design as they incorporate subtle mid-century references, a creative use of materials and a focus on details. “We also like to make our furniture designs fun, which means we add playful forms such as the triangular seat of Finn, or details like the ball hanger attached to the back leg of the Nopp chairs and stool,” says Paweł. Buck Studio has also produced a Finn stool in collaboration with USTA magazine that comes in kale green and coral pink for a punch of colour.

With Fameg’s manufacture of Buck Studio’s chairs and stools, the products have not only become mainstays in their hospitality projects, but popular in other interior projects too. “Good design helps make everyday life easier, smarter, more comfortable and fun, and thanks to Fameg, our Finn and Nopp are available all over the world, and we come across them in very different places, from Milan to Melbourne.”

To experience Buck Studio’s Finn and Nopp ranges in person, please get in touch to make an appointment at the Remodern showroom in Cheltenham.

Image source: Buck Studio