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BUZAO gives birth to its newest marble collection, DISLOCATION

Posted by Remodern on

BUZAO continues to explore materials and colour with its latest collection of striking marble furniture, DISLOCATION.

The concept of DISLOCATION is based on the mutation and displacement that occurs in evolution, as organisms produce new variations. Dislocation is a myriad of moments that come in the form of mutation, stimulation, fracture and derailment, all of which lead to rebirth and reconstruction – a new perception.

Marble is a natural material that represents grandeur and elegance when used for architecture and design. Abstracting it from this classical representation, BUZAO used basic geometric forms to convey the primary physical property of marble: its compressive strength.

BUZAO explored the structural combinations and proportions of four basic elements – cylinder, circle, square and rectangle – to create a series of tables with modernist, elegant simplicity. Each tabletop is accented with a klein blue acrylic circle that interrupts the veining of the marble’s mineral crystals and expresses the concept of dislocation. This dislocation forms cohesion and coexistence yet evolves into a new perception.

The klein blue acrylic circle is inspired by the traditional resin adhesive used as an invisible medium to join broken or separated marble floor tiles. In DISLOCATION, the blue circle replaces the role of the resin adhesive, and its vibrant, powerful hue amplifies it as an intervening factor. Striking against the classical colours and texture, the blue circle represents order and derailment, randomness and certainty, shocking and calm, and subtle deviation and coexistence.

DISLOCATION consists of a coffee table and two side tables, available in Menes Gold and Black Marquina marbles with blue acrylic circle. The coffee table has a three-cylinder base and large circular tabletop. One side table has a round base with square top, and the other has three-rectangle base with circular top.

DISLOCATION continues BUZAO’s exploration of marble, producing simple geometric forms that showcase the inherent beauty of the natural material. The studio’s collection of wall and pendant lights have simple geometric shades with strong sculptural impact.

For more information about DISLOCATION, get in touch with the team at Remodern.