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BUZAO’s new HALO collection is an optical effect of light and colour

Posted by Remodern on

BUZAO’s experimentations with materials and processes are renowned for producing unforeseeable results and new discoveries. BUZAO’s newest collection, HALO, explores glass and colour, producing an ever-changing optical effect.

HALO is a laminated dichroic glass collection inspired by its namesake, the halo – the curved light frequencies that can be seen surrounding the moon or sun. This optical phenomenon is produced by ice crystals reflecting or refracting light, which splits it into colours through dispersion.

BUZAO has produced this effect by superimposing red and blue on simple geometric glass volumes and surfaces. As the red and blue diffuse and radiate inward, they undergo a colour change in different lighting circumstances.

Depending on the angle of the light source and position of the gaze, the overlapping colours blend to form other colours in the spectrum, and the opacity of the glass creates a misty white colour resembling the halo. As the angle of the light source and position of the gaze are constantly shifting, the gradient and halo effect are also ever shifting.

This establishes a new relationship and means of perception between the gaze and the object. As the gaze chases after the light, the invisible becomes visible, and the uncertain becomes certain.

BUZAO launched the collection, which includes display and shelving units, floor lights and a wall hanger, at a pop-up gallery in Shenzhen Art Center in collaboration with the store BADMARKET.

The display and shelving units are available in four variations: a console, vertical unit, high display case and low display case. The box-like floor lights have a large globe within them that further electrifies the effect, while the wall hanger is a bar of constantly changing colour.

For more information about the HALO collection, get in touch with the team at Remodern or make an appointment at the Remodern showroom in Cheltenham to view the collections.