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​New Bentu tiles available at Remodern

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The new collection of Bentu Surface tiles creates dynamic sculptural effects across walls. Made with recycled concrete, the tiles have geometric, grooved and abstract surfaces that add decorative dimension to any feature walls including kitchen splashbacks, bathrooms and outdoor spaces.

Bentu Surface evolved from Bentu Design’s experiments with concrete, seeking to redefine the value of building materials and to be environmentally responsible. Bentu mixes recycled concrete and ceramic with ultra-high-performance concrete to produce high-quality tiles. Surrounding factors, such as temperature and humidity, can easily affect the moulding of concrete, making the material hard to control. To achieve spotless, flat surfaces and distinct edges and corners, Bentu pours and removes the concrete from the mould only once. It is a challenging process, but reflects the studio’s desire to amplify the beauty of concrete and its visual effects.

Tiao Tile

Long deep grooves ripple across the surface of the Tiao Tile, creating dynamic linear patterns in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal format. The grooves cast ever-shifting shadows throughout the day, creating illusions of depth and adding further contrast and dimension to the surface. The tiles can be arranged in one direction for seamless lines, or in an arrangement of horizontal and vertical tiles for an interplay of lines.

AO Tile

The gradually changing surface of the AO Tile produces a variety of visual effects, appearing almost like overlapping shingles or fish scales across a wall. Arranged in a horizontal, vertical or diamond format, the tiles creating striking repetition, with the raised surface producing subtle texture and depth.

Character Series

The design possibilities are infinite with the Character Series. The series comprises five square-format tiles, each with a raised surface pattern inspired by the letters N, H, R, X and J. The patterns are bold and abstract and can be used in combination to create a modernist design that’s one of a kind.

San S & M

San S & Ms captivating appeal emerges from its angular contours and three-dimensional surface, producing a kaleidoscopic effect. The undulating surface has energetic movement and flow, accentuated by the interplay of depth, light and shadow. Like an invitation to imagine and play, the tiles can be arranged in endless patterns to create unique wall sculptures and masterpieces.

All Bentu Surface tiles are available in grey white, grey and dark grey. The surface will have natural variances in texture and colour and will weather with exposure to the elements, making each tile and arrangement unique.

For more information about Bentu Surfaces, make an appointment at the Remodern showroom in Cheltenham or view the collection online.