Remodern partner with progressive designers. We curate and champion experimental and innovative thinkers, from emerging talent through to established brands.

Each represented exclusively by Remodern, our designers are hand-selected for their commitment to quality and craftsmanship, as much as their originality and inimitable outlook. With a deep respect for their practice, culture and heritage, we tell their unique story to the Australian market.

Exhibiting furniture, lighting and design objects that sit beyond trends. We're equal parts inspired and informed, with backgrounds in architecture, retail and manufacturing.

In collaboration with our brands, we combine robust creativity and technical expertise to create meaningful spaces of influence.

Director & Founder

Jen balances creativity and commerce with a unique ease. Raised in a family of business-minded engineers, she has spent many years helping to strengthen and grow their national manufacturing company.

Graduating from a Bachelor of Interior Design with First Class Honours at RMIT, her passion for design has been a constant. Jen has built her professional skillset across Melbourne and London, working in architecture firms and high-end retail (both fashion and furniture).

Founding Remodern was a natural progression for Jen. Although it has evolved over the years, the core driver has remained the same – to discover modern and innovative designers (wherever they are in the world) and tell their story in the Australian market.


Nic has a mindset that blends curiosity and practicality in an infectious way.

After years of study, split between Melbourne University and Universitaet Stuttgart, Nic dove into architecture. He has worked at a number of Melbourne architecture firms over the past 15 years, with a focus on bespoke residential architecture.

Nic's technical skills as an architect are invaluable to Remodern. Embracing holistic design, his philosophy is that ‘interior informs exterior informs interior’. He is passionate about how designed objects and the built environment relate to the human experience, animating and enhancing the act of being.

We support our retailers to promote and deliver original product to a design-conscious market. For those local to Melbourne, we invite you to visit our immersive showroom and experience the full range.

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