Marcus Piper

The worlds of digital and craft usually occupy opposite ends of the creative spectrum. Marcus Piper is where the two worlds merge into one.

Marcus is a Digital Craftsperson working with digital tools to create real-world artworks. His mantra is “Creating different. Always.” And his work continues to stretch the boundaries of this philosophy. In his words “You will never see anything I create in the same way twice.” What drives Marcus Piper’s creative process is that the viewer’s perception of an object is forever changing depending on their physical position and perspective. At every single moment of every day the angle of light from the sun’s source is never the same. While the art forms Marcus creates are solid and permanent, the experience of them is ever changing.

The Marcus Piper ITER 01 collection are digitally designed and manufactured artworks of brutalist graphic patterns. Each piece is finished in concrete, creating a level of durability that allows them to be displayed outdoors as well as indoors. An outdoor location emphasises the ever-shifting changes to the design created by light and shadow. These artworks are offered in limited editions of 10 pieces and also available on commission.

Marcus studied Industrial Design at the University of Canberra. As well as being a digital graphic designer, Marcus is an artist, photographer, typographer and printmaker. His work has been collected by the National Gallery of Victoria.

All Marcus Piper design objects are created and made in Australia. Remodern is proud to be the sole Australian distributor of the Marcus Piper brand.


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