Right Side Table

Right Side Table cuts a bold, slender silhouette. Its expertly shaped lava stone top reveals its natural texture and is beautifully balanced on its offset supporting base.

Right Side Table has the perfect shape to overhang a sofa or may be used as a normal side table. Table top made from Lava stone, machined and hand-polished with a chamfered edge detail. Black powdercoated steel supporting stem and base plate.

Product Information

Buzao worked with the people of Hainan Island in the South China Sea, with its vast deposits of volcanic lava, to better understand this humble yet beautiful material. Buzao recognised the potential of Lava stone, so prolifically used by the people of Hainan, and how design could significantly enhance its appearance and value.

Lava stone is formed when liquid lava solidifies as it cools. A characteristic of this organic process is that pores form in the stone, often with other minerals embedded within. These natural, irregular textures make each object unique.

Lava Stone, Powdercoated Steel




  • Top
  • Lava Stone
  • Base
  • Black Powder Coat
8-10 weeks


Buzao is a radical offshoot of Bentu. The Buzao name means ‘I don’t know’ in Chinese, to signify that all true exploration has an unknown destination.

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